Hello and welcome…

This is my very first post on diaryofaseeker {yippee!!!}and I just want to say a little about what the blog is really about….

Diaryofaseeker is basically just what the name says: It’s my diary and I describe myself as a ‘seeker’ because I’ve become very aware of being in that stage of my life where I’m questioning a lot of things that I’ve been conditioned or told to believe…I’ve never really been a ‘letthesleepingdogslie person’ but I’m really exploring that part of me…maybe subtly, maybe not… I’m not afraid to ask questions…I’m not afraid to seek for Truth…

A lot of the content on this blog will vary from factual experiences to fiction to musings…Expect some poetry now and again, some ramblings from time to time and basically expressions from my heart and soul…On love, life and everything else in between!

This is my ‘little great beginning’ and with all of my heart, I welcome you!!


Hello world!

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