I think I can say that the year 2015 has been the best year of my life so far. It’s been a year of paradoxes – I’ve been very happy and very sad, I’ve had a lot of money and practically no money! I’ve been stretched and I’ve grown…

I decided to write some of the lessons I’ve learnt this year…15 of them 🙂

I wanted to write stories for each of the points but that would have made it such a long read. So, let’s do it this way: After you read through the points, go to the comments section and let me know which point(s) you want more details on 🙂

That way, I can expatiate on the points in subsequent posts.

Here goes!

  1. Good people will make mistakes and do bad things. See the good in them anyway.
  2. Love is sweetest when we love the purest.
  3. In the words of D’Banj, ‘Don’t get it twisted – love is a beautiful thing!’
  4. When you take that leap and it looks like you’re about to kiss the ground, God’s hands are always there to catch you.
  5. Frustration can be good thing.
  6. In the fire, it looks like you’d never get out alive, but when you do, you’ll appreciate how well-cooked you’ve become.
  7. A life with love and laughter is a truly rich life.
  8. Family is important. Be more intentional about developing depth in these relationships & not just assuming they’d always be there.
  9. Have that one song that can make you snap out of a bad mood! Mine is Kaydeen Numbere’s “Oghene Doh”!
  10. Dance. A lot. In your underwear. At home. Just dance! LOL!
  11. The best  intentions are dead without strategy and execution.
  12. Heartbreak can be one of the best things to happen to you if you let it stretch you the right way.
  13. There are two “realities” – What God’s word says and what’s currently happening physically. Choose your reality…What you choose is what you’ll live out.
  14. Scripture is the most stabilizing force on earth – Regardless of what’s going on, God’s word is a rock that never fails.
  15. Knowing how much God loves you is enough…His love is enough!

Let me know what lessons resonate with you. Thanks for reading!

Merry Christmas & do have a fabulous New Year!