Hi Guys!

I’ve decided to try something different with the posts coming up on this blog. I simply call it ‘free-verse’. Those with some literary background would already have deciphered that I’m talking poetry. A kind of poetry which is not concerned with rhyme, or meter, or any sort of arrangement. Although generally, poetry ‘shows’ more than it ‘tells’; but in this post. I’ll be doing a bit more ‘telling’ than ‘showing’…I guess I’m free to, since it’s free verse. 🙂 Hopefully, as we go along, there’ll be more ‘showing’ than ‘telling’.

So, let’s not get too serious. The great thing about poetry is that it’s open to diverse interpretations. The two poems in this season are related.  Feel free to comment. Enjoy!!




I saw you from across the room
I would recognize that half-smile anywhere…The first child of your cocky grin
The familiar eyes that sparkled with life, or was it mischief?
My heart leaped…
More than anything, I wanted to take quick steps across the room
Shorten the distance between us
And then you saw me
Recognition flickered across your brow
And you dared me…
I saw it in those eyes and in the tilt of your head
You dared me to come over to where you were
But I’m not a child anymore
My heart buzzed with pain and I shut the door
I won’t beg for your attention anymore.


I Seek Refuge…

I seek refuge in everything else
Apart from you
I wanted  to run into you and knock the breath out of you
Stumble, and have you break my fall
With your arms going round me
Feel your minty breath on my skin as you press your lips to my ear and whisper ‘It’s ok’…

But you’re standing aloof
And I’m so alone
I seek refuge in everything else
Apart from you