I’m definitely sure that P.Diddy didn’t have me in mind when he and Skylar Grey sang/rapped the song ‘Coming Home’, but I’m still in love with it right now. And that’s because it just conveys so accurately (at least the chorus) what’s happening right now. I’ve not been on this blog in ages no thanks to my lackadaisical attitude.  She (my blog-yes, she’s a girl) probably would have ended up as the latest in a series of broken dreams and aspirations if not for divine intervention. (can i get a ‘hallelujah’ from somebody!!)

And yes, the divine intervention came in different forms, ranging from my attempts to ginger myself  especially after a very inspiring sermon in church,  to humans including one simply called Stranger. He read my first and only post and was like , ‘Girl, do something!!!’  And well, it doesn’t take much to do something. All you have to do is SOMETHING.

And so here I am, and I’m back for good. *inserts amen*

Well, the news this past week has been crazy. From Twittville to the real world. News of the infamous and still elusive ABSU 5 in the rape case caused a stir this past week as well as  news of acid baths, oil baths and the likes. Its becoming a scary, loveless world that we live in  So, strangely enough, inspiration came to me this week in the office during a spell of boredom.  I mused over the sad state of affairs in our nation, especially with regards to our relations with  one another and voila,  our ‘coming home’ post for the week!!

It’s a tad dramatic but then, oh well!!!  Enjoy!

Sing a song for us, mama

A joyous chant to the clapping of hands

As we sit gathered round you

Listening to the crickets sing their song in the dark

The flame flickers as the wind passes by her

Dancing in anticipation of your tune

Your children are here

Sing a song for us, mama

A song of work and wealth

Earned through sweat and tears

The way it was in your days

An ode, for the way it once was

For the way it ought to be

Sing a song for us, mama

About the evil in the land

A song that mourns the wife killed by her own husband

The friend scarred by her own friend

The girl whom five men rose against

A dirge rising to the highest heavens

Rousing even the dead that lie in the deep

Telling them that those on the earth

Will not walk in love

But have chosen to dwell in strife and violence

We must learn from you, mama

We must water the seeds you have given

From the fruits we have eaten

For without this

The end would come for us

And so, mama

Sing to us

We listen in quiet

If only the world would hear